Need help navigating a legal thicket?

We’ve been partnering with in-house counsel for decades to find the optimal path through everything from tangled contract disputes to thorny antitrust questions. After years at traditional firms, we decided to pursue a leaner approach by making smart use of the technology available at the time, and we formed Kipling Law Group (KLG) in 2005.

KLG’s office was outside the downtown core, and we operated with a small staff. This meant low overhead for us and great value for our sophisticated clients in wireless telecommunications, health care, online retailing and web services. But as the world of business has changed dramatically in recent years, so has the business of law.

Our practice and the technology available to support it have evolved, which means we can operate now with even greater efficiency and lower overhead. We reconfigured in 2019 as WalterKipling PLLC to deliver the same great creative problem-solving with an even smaller footprint.

Practical Solutions

Our clients are often involved in joint ventures or other collaborations with competitors. We work to understand your business and the markets in which you operate. That means we can provide practical guidance and ongoing monitoring to ensure that such activities comply with antitrust laws and don’t inadvertently attract scrutiny, without unduly restricting innovation and business strategy.


Responding to CIDs and litigation discovery is often disruptive and expensive. We don’t have a magic wand to make the burden disappear, but we do have the good judgment to pick our battles wisely. We have experience negotiating to limit the scope, and we know how to efficiently identify and process responsive material. This means fewer discovery disputes end up in court, and those that do are narrowly drawn.

Depth of Knowledge

You’re too busy negotiating contracts or providing general legal support for your business teams to take a deep dive into the ins-and-outs of most-favored-nations clauses or whether the Robinson-Patman Act might apply in a given situation. We can help with these questions, and more. We also can provide practical, context-specific antitrust training and guidelines for any of your employees who interact with your competitors.

No Overbilling

We don’t overstaff matters or bog down your bills with lots of meetings and memos. We are thorough, but know when enough is enough. And we have the experience to make effective use of outside vendors for discovery management and other staff-intensive projects—this means we can focus on big picture strategic thinking, research and analysis, and locating the information needed to respond to discovery and develop arguments.

Hoh Rain Forest photo © T.M. Moran

Hoh Rain Forest photo © T.M. Moran